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Monthly TBR: March 2023

I just have to copy my February post and I’ll almost be done with this. Not that I’m proud of it, but I don’t see a point in rigidly sticking to a reading timetable when I’m such a mood reader.

So here’s my planned TBR (hopeful) for March:

Lots of science fiction for me this month. I have somehow ended up with a lot of SciFi ARCs, and I will try to clear them. Well, at least as much as I can.However, my priorities are WORLD RUNNING DOWN, ASCENSION and INFINITY GATE.

Do we have anything in common on our TBR this month? Let me know!

View my monthly wrap-up for February 2023 here.

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8 thoughts on “Monthly TBR: March 2023

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  1. Very interesting books.. I’m hoping to start Flower Bride sometime this week too… I have a huge tbr planned this month for a readathon and hoping I’ll read atleast a few of those 😂😂😂


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